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Community library establishment project 2017


Maya Education initiatives (MEI) is a non-profit organization. It is working in the field of education. It provides education to those children who are unable to afford it because of poverty and also gives chance to those who have are orphans, single mother child and in extreme need of help. MEI is now running community library establishment project 2017 for the rural area Thori, Parsa.

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The Community Library project believes all people should have access to books and education through community library. This community library establishment project provides access to reading people in or to near by areas like as echhayanagar, townplanning, dipngar, baada gau, badarjhula etc. Lots of books in Nepali and English are being kept in the library, which will be useful to children, youth, adults and old aged people and most likely library focus to provide all kinds of books that are mostly used in that local areas. Nevertheless, library has also given access to higher stander of books by focusing on the visitors in near by hospital which is about the construction process- as a branch of Tilganga Hospital of Kathmandu. The community library project is a volunteer driven initiative that is committed to building the movement for a publicly owned library as community library in remote thori.

MEI is working with different colleges and among them Morgan International College. Which is located at basundhara-3, kathamndu and known as one of the pioneers and leading educational institutions for higher studies that embody all the academic and cultural character in the field. morgan Int'l College has a good system of providing the field works to BSW students as an internee in a different organization. On the internship students can learn the skill of communication, team work, leadership and more importantly they can explore their hidden caliber that had in them.

Likes, We (Laxmi Shrestha, Trishna Maharjan, Aarti Khadki and Shreejana Kathet) have joined Maya Education Initiatives as an intern. We are working in the establishment of community library project 2017, Thori, Parsa. In the initial phase, we all formed a team of four and started to plan our project. In the first hand, we prepared the charts for the notice board in order to inform our colleagues to donate the books. On the next day we arranged a meeting with all the CR so they can convey our messages to other class and like as on the next day we had much easier work while announcing the notice in all the classes to donate their used and new books for the community library establishment project of MEI, Morgan College BSW First year student, we are taking its initiatives.

In the beginning the things were not properly working our and again we had a group meeting and in the meeting we analysis the luke holes in our workout so on the very next day we started to collect the books from our friends and we gave them thanks from our social media and on our own profile similarly things got bit easier in 3 weeks time all of the college students were positives to us and many were donating the books to our community library project.

Tools and Equipment

  • Chart Paper
  • Presentation
  • Social Media
  • Mobile number
  • Email Adress
  • Stationary and Printing


Every objective fully depends on actions. Likewise, we all know Maya Education Initiatives (MEI) has an objective to provide children sense of limitless possibility to be the hope of tomorrow through educational opportunity, it need's action for its continuous success. As part of the community library project's objective, we all provide notice to all of the students of our college by dividing into two groups. We collected books in a number of 3-4 which was too many for the beginning target to bring our objective into practice. We honored the donors. Our action according to the went well since we were focused on it. Still, the books are being collected and recorded.


Maya Education Initiatives as a non-profit organization works in the poorest and remote regions of Nepal. MEI gives children opportunity to build the foundation for their dreams. MEI gives them hope to dream and secure their future.

In the first day of our internship, we had to travel to jorpati to reach the organization but it was tough to find it due to off location. Likewise, on the second day, our group went to MEI and there was our project coordinator of MEI Mr. Kishor Ghimirary. He helps us to make a chart for the notice board. From MEI we learn how to interact in peer to peer. We learn how to do presentations and with the help of the organization, we learned how to do an interview with each other. Likewise, Hira SIr taught and helped us very nicely in all our work.  From MEI we learned many things. We are thankful with MEI project coordinators who taught us many things in our project. More importantly, we're very lucky to get an opportunity to work with the organization who saves children lives and secure their future.


As we all know that MEI works in the remote areas of during field training we got a lot of practical knowledge.we also gained the knowledge who to work efficiently with less effort and develop in our future.

Regarding the quality of work, we have faced many different problems. The organization was very far as well as to collect the books we feel very happy also. All these features of an organization have really added some good qualities in us. this training was very helpful for our academic and future life courage all the parents to study and send all the children to the school. This organization is the village in Nepal.

we all the students of Morgan college are so happy to work for this organization. We feel so glad to be the part of this organization.

Internship Program 2017 | Best internship programs to develop skills, leadership and team work

An Internship is an opportunity for a student to spend time with one or more employees at a business, non-profit organization, or government agency.  The objective is to provide an opportunity to observe and gain hands-on experience in how non-profit and industry work.

By being at the work site, students will get a firsthand perspective of the skills and tasks required on the job.  The goal of the Community Library Establishment Project 2017 Internship program is to increase the student’s knowledge of workplace skills and receive on-the-job or field experience.  The internship experience is selected based on the student’s performance and field work.  In addition, it enables the respective collage teacher/coordinator to communicate to students what skills and knowledge are necessary to enter certain careers.  Internships also help teachers keep their curricula up-to-date.

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Community Library Establishment Project 2017

Back Ground of Thori- Where the community library establishment project 2017 is focused.

Why Maya Education Initiatives choose Thori for the community library establishment project 2017? Due to the following emergency essence!

Thori Village is located in  Parsa District on the South-East of Nepal. It has 1350 houses and the population of the village is about 5300. There are 2 primary English medium schools, 6 primary government schools, one high school and one bachelor level collage in the village. These two high school are for the four VDC and is located in the Chowk Bazar of Thori Village. Like as, village consists of mixed cultural. Similarly it has got the tribal families too such as Praja, Chepang and so on. The village has the gravel road access and still is beyond the access of electricity facility so the life in the village running in the ancient system and it has no any internet or computer facilities in the village. Almost all the families is dependent on the traditional agricultural system and the darker fact of the Village is that 25% of the total population are landless due to the devastating floods of Narayani River ten years back and these families are living inside the forest area with in a plot of land from which the production of food will be enough only for three months. These are the families who are in the extreme poverty and has to work in others field in the irrigation and harvesting season and on the remaining time of the year they depend on the odd jobs. Other fact is that there are about 200 house hold of Chaudhary’s who are the halleya of the landlord (Free workers for the landloard). Let’s not forget that even today some of the families have to go into the forest in search of forest food even some of the MEI’s kids’ family does once in the year so MEI had to provide rice and grains to those families in order to continue the school of the kids on regular basis.

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