Community Library Establishment Project 2017

Community Library Establishment project

Community Library Establishment Project 2017

Every child and a community have the right to be educated no matter where s/he belongs to. Every child or youth matters because they are the significant treasure who would illuminate future of the nation. Likewise, the children of Thori, one of the remote regions of Nepal, has also the right to enjoy the fruits of education. Keeping in mind the fact that education is an essential tool for the transformation of society leading it to positive development, MEI (Maya Education Initiatives) has pledged to dedicate and devote itself to establish community library at Chowk Bazar in Thori along with the coordination of BSW or BASW students who are doing internship with MEI from various colleges of Kathmandu. Thori Village is located in Parsa District towards South - East of Nepal. MEI’s Community Library Establishment Project 2017 aims at playing the role to advance and enhance the quality of reader’s educational experience making them easy access to the library and its resources. This project wants to establish community library as qualitative and advantageous learning center. It also seeks to evoke awareness among the youth of the urban areas about what it pays to have the dearth of the academic resources which they have not experienced yet. Thus, MEI has decided to call upon students from colleges to offer a helping hand engaging themselves as a volunteer in our internship program. The reason why we chose Thori for this project is its condition of being underdeveloped in different sectors and the backwardness in educational system. Our project commits to enlighten the community through academic resources of our Community Library Establishment Campaign 2017. We believe that this project also plays a vital social role by bringing readers together from different castes and cultures around the community which ultimately cement the social harmony among people. Our vision is to provide children and a community; a sense of limitless possibilities to be the hope of tomorrow through educational opportunity.    

MEI expects the support and cooperation from volunteers and interns of BSW/BASW in book collection campaign. MEI has decided to collect all the available books and resources from the various government bodies, associations and the stakeholders who are corresponding to the library and publication business. By doing so, volunteers would be benefited in many ways. Most importantly, they will get opportunity to explore themselves to a new arena bringing about best out of them by engaging themselves in various creative tasks. They will be assisting seniors and teachers while being at the work site. While doing so, they are expected to feel free to inquire information regarding the work and responsibilities. Volunteers are also encouraged to share their perspectives and ideas which they think are necessary. It can also help them in establishing positive work habits, team work, team coordination, leadership and attitudes which is very much important for their successful professional life. Furthermore, we assure volunteers that our internship program will prove to be very fruitful for your future endeavors. MEI is very much sure of the fact that our internship program is really worth making volunteers realize the important of being liberated through education so that they would also make an effort to make easy access of education all around the remote areas of Nepal. We eagerly look forward to getting your helping hands for the success of our community library establishment project 2017.

MEI’s first phase targeted is to engage students from at least 15 colleges in the campaign and on the way to our campaign many colleges students are participating in our campaign. By this time 8 colleges have already started to work in our campaign, as they are as follows:

K & K International College

Premier College

Himalayan College

Texas International College

Pushpalal Memorial College

Reliance College

Morgan College

Sagarmatha College and more are in the process of documentation.

35 MEI Scholars Started Going to School-"Sponsor a child in Nepal"

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Sponsor a child in Nepal is the motto of free education project – Maya Education Initiatives. In 2016s new session in school began from April and with the new session; MEI's sponsored children in Nepal reached to 35 in numbers. In this new session, MEI takes 10 more children to attend school as regular as in our calendar. For 35 sponsored children MEI chooses four best schools on the basis of school’s quality education and locality of children. Schools and children details are:


sponsor a girl child in nepal

Four earthquake victim child on sponsorship

Four earthquake victim child were sponsored in Kathmandu and sent to Ekata James English Boarding School at Kathmandu, they are:
Prekshaya Tamang
Sameer Lama
Yashodha Tamang and
Aayusha Lama

Three sponsored child’s school changed @ Thori

MEI’s sponsored children from Thori are sent to three different schools, as two schools are our old ones only, unfortunately three children had to send to another school due to the distance the child have to travel and especially in the rainy season it’s tough for them to cross the river while coming to Thori Academy. So MEI is bound to send them to another school known as Sishya Sadan Primary School at Ekshyanagar, Thori. The children who are being facilitated are:
Ramila Thing
Swastika Praja and
Sajan Praja

Similarly, other remaining 28 sponsored children are sent to Thori Academy and Emmanuel Eng. Boarding School.

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Sina Tanner and Yanik D. Sousa visit Thori

Field Visits of Initiatives 2014/12/23-26
Ms. Sina Tanner, Head Representive for MEI, Switzerland and Germany visits Thori
Sina Tanner from Switzerland with her friend Yanik D. Sousa visited all the families of MEI scholars. She also gave out Christmas presents from Sponsors and MEI to all the kids of Thori. They also visited both partner schools of MEI, namely, Thori Academy and Emmunuel English School. Her visit has raised high hopes and brought bright smiles to the faces of the villagers residing in Thori. And, a lot of kids are waiting eagerly to become a part of MEI.


Our Emergency Aid in Devastating Earthquake

It is been horrific experience to see the city once we cherish have broken down. Nepal is a third world developing country with very little help from a goverment. Most people are under poverty. Many people we know seem terrorized by seemingly endless series of aftershocks. Many women and Children under fear, chaos and cryin for help. The money raise will go towards helping people of Nepal. It will help them to give refuge to people who have lost their homes. It will provide with first aid, food, water and emergency help as needed.

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