Sponsor a Needy Child for Christmas

Merry Christmas! Christmas is the time of sharing love with our loved ones and giving love to needy ones. So, on this Christmas, give a gift of education to a child and help them to break the cycle of vicious poverty that has last forever. Sponsor a needy child for this Christmas.

Child sponsorship gives long-term support to a vulnerable and needy child and ensures that they grow up in a caring family environment with the love and care of best child sponsorship organization.

For $1 per day, you can transform a child's life through the extraordinary gift of child sponsorship.

I want to sponsor a needy child for this Christmas, now!

 I've already sponsored a child - how can I support them on this Christmas?

Thank you for your continued support and for thinking of your sponsored child during the Christmas season. If you already sponsor a child with Maya Education Initiatives, find out how you can support your sponsored child on this Christmas. If you do not currently sponsor a kid but you are considering taking out a child sponsorship as Christmas present yourself, why not learn more today?

The unique gift that will last forever in child’s life– sponsor a needy child education, today!

sponsor a needy child for christmas 

Can I give the gift to my sponsored child on this Christmas?

Yes! You can give Christmas gift to your sponsored child as you wish. For that please contact us info@mayaeducationinitiatives.org or if you don’t have ideas about the gift which one to give then you can consult with our representatives or check MEI Wish List.

Or, you would like this, just mention in the “Contact US Form” that you are wondering for your sponsored child.

 Where can I donate Christmas Gift?

If you are not yet sure about donating Christmas gift and thinking” Where can I donate Christmas Gift?” It’s always better to give to those organization that helps children in the Christmas time. There are many options that you can choose and there is also big organization too. Indeed, most of the people are donating to those organization so if you are looking to give relief to a needy organization then it’s always best to “donate to a child in need on Christmas” who are from those small but best child sponsorship organization.

 How will my gift make a difference?

When you sponsor a kid, you provide an orphaned or abandoned or single mother or earthquake victim child a family home, in the care of best organization for sponsorship. Along with their brothers and sisters, they grow up as part of an organization’s family within local society. As they grow, your support will provide education, healthcare and all they need to succeed as they approach adulthood. Likewise, these children rarely receive the gifts from their loved ones or they only receive the gift when MEI has the extra budget for the gift to the child. So, if you give them gifts on this Christmas; kids will feel loved and by physiologically they feel inspired, loved and cared and so on. As we do in our daily life!

“You are providing- a healthy start, an opportunity to grow through quality education and saving a needy child from getting into vulnerable condition in their life by sponsoring a child as a Christmas present”

 Thank you for thinking of a child in need during the festive time. It is the kindness of supporters like you that enables us to change lives all year around. Without you and your kind heart, we would have never been able to save and change these many lives as today!


 I like to make greater, impact on community base and to those who is one of the best child sponsorship organization. So, What if I want to organize fundraising Event for Christmas Gifts to the organization that helps children like as MEI?

Yes, thank you for being very creative and understanding the circumstance, that MEI is having hard times in managing the gift and new clothes to all the children. If you want to organize the event you can organize as you like it and for more details please check out our Fund Raising Ideas or if this is not helping you then please feel free to Contact Us.

 Event Management is quite tough so, I would like to raise fund from online sites like crowd rise, go fund me or other fund-raising sites? Please suggest!

Of course, you can do that also from online fund-raising sites. So, you might need materials and resources than in that context please Contact Us (in message box please, mention your context) we are here to help you out to make your campaign successful utmost.

 You can also lunch fund-raising campaign for

MEI’s Community Library Establishment Project

MEI School Building Project

MEI kids wish list materials cost 

Raise an awareness on “where can I donate Christmas gift” etc. For more project details please feel free to contact us.

 MEI wish you MERRY CHRISTMAS and have a great time of Christmas season with your friends and family members and do share your experience of supporting MEI kids and sending the gifts to these needy kids with your friend and family. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

You can also support MEI by Posting, bookmarking and sharing this site on social media like Facebook or Tweeter or Pinterest or mailing to your all friends for collecting $1 from each to sponsor a child for Christmas gift or to donate to a child in need on Christmas; using the icons above. We also hope bloggers or news sites will add this site to your websites, or better still, have anchors mention this page at the end of your coverage of the wonderful content you guys have. If you or your friends does, the public will be able to easily know more about our kids and their current situation and more importantly how MEI is saving the lives of needy and vulnerable children.

NOTE: If anyone of you is planning to travel Nepal then also we can provide you the information for your visit to Nepal. So, Feel Free to Ask Any Thing about Your Travel, we are happy to assist you! Likewise, if you're interested in sharing your skills and time with the best child sponsorship organization then you can be Volunteer at MEI too.

 "I want to volunteer for MEI on this Christmas from My hometown"- How Can I Do That?

Dear good Friends of MEI, you are most welcome to volunteer for MEI from your hometown or country you can be our fund-raising initiatives, or sponsorship coordinating initiatives or digital marketing initiatives or coordination with the initiative those who are interested in donating to a child in need on Christmas and many more. To be volunteer from your hometown, Contact Us and mention your interest in the “message box”

If you are thinking of doing something on this Christmas but have no idea at all; in this case also we are eagerly looking to receive your message.


 Jesus says “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another”. Likewise, Mother Teresa says “Let us always meet each other with a smile, for the smile is the beginning of love.” And Maya Education Initiative Team and kids wishes you MERRY CHRISTMAS and have awesome lovely and smiley Christmas 2016


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sponsor a needy child for christmas

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