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MEI is actively involved in development of rural communities in Nepal by applying practical and modern community development strategies. MEI projects through extensive detail research in the community for more than a year. MEI team has design an enhance program for the children and people of this community.

People from all over the world can get involve in MEI project directly or indirectly. You have the opportunity to choose the project you want to sponsor for one time or longer period of time. We highly encourage our donors to support for longer time frame so the project can run effectively for a longer period of time.

Project Sponsorships of your Choice

After School Pro­gramme


Nepalese Culture Enhancement Program:


Nepal has been known for its rich diverse culture and tradition. Nepal culture and ethnicity defines each individual’s history and unique background. Many people from the world comes to Nepal to enjoy the culture and diverse faces of Nepal. However, it very unfortunate Nepal has been loosing its culture and tradition due to lack of proper knowledge and guidance. MEI partner organization Nava Natya Kala Kendra has been successfully been giving free music, dance and cultural knowledge to young Nepalese children. Each year MEI is giving scholarship to 50 students to those who possess talent and could give back to their community.

Homework Help, Academic Enrichment, Recreation, Physical Fitness and Life Skills



  • We provide the time, the place, and the assistance to ensure the child completes their homework completely andcorrectly
  • Specially Designed Homework Logs & Forms help to track the child’s homework progress


Literacy and Mathematics


  • Readers Book Club and Reading Lounge
  • Creative Writing & Journalism
  • Math, Science and Technology


Afterschool Science Discovery Program


  • Inquiry-based program encourages children to communicate and think scientifically
  • Interactive, investigative, hands-on experiments and activities
  • Thematic units focused on Earth, Life, and Physical Sciences
  • Interdisciplinary connections with math, reading and the creative arts
  • Community/home connections


Life Skills


  • Anti-bullying
  • Too Good for Drugs
  • Too Good for Violence


Recreation & Nutritional Programs


  • Periodic martial arts training, e.g., Taekwondo
  • Makes Exercise Fun


Cultural Arts & Special Events


  • Musicians, Magicians and More
  • Special Talents programs
  • Field Trips on most No-School days


Helping Our Children Become Well-Rounded Contributing Members of their Communities Community Service Projects


  • Cleaning the surrounding
  • "Say 'No' to Plastic" campaign
  • Organic farming
  • Saving the forest and plants
  • Planting new trees and flowers
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Building School

Building School

Sponsor Project

Emer­gency Med­ical Camp/​Cat­a­strophic Relief Project

It is been horrific experience to see the city once we cherish have broken down. Nepal is a third world developing country with very little help from a goverment. Most people are under poverty. Many people we know seem terrorized by seemingly endless series of aftershocks. Many women and Children under fear, chaos and cryin for help. The money raise will go towards helping people of Nepal. It will help them to give refuge to people who have lost their homes. It will provide with first aid, food, water and emergency help as needed.

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Free Eng­lish /​ Nepali Lan­guage Project

Maya Education Initiatives is giving free language class to 240 disadvantage groups specially women in one season and perday MEI runs 6 classes from the plat form of Nava Natya Academy. Since ACP runs only in the morning and evening shift classes. MEI has design language class into three levels of Begginer, Intermediate and Advance. And Every Session is of three month time interval.

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Vocational | Skilled Built Up Trainings | Workshop

Vocational | Skilled Built Up Trainings | Workshop

MEI is helping and giving sustainable life to over 1000 children and adolescents from the projects and through your support each year: 
Schooling and vocational training project
Nepal is diverse country in topography and population. With its diversity it also has dark sides as; disadvantaged youth especially poor, living in lagging regions, female, Dalit, marginalized Janajatis, people with disability and single mother are the main targeted groups.


 The main objective of this project(Vocational | Skilled Built Up Trainings | Workshop) is to expand the supply of skilled and employable labor by increasing access to quality training programs, and by strengthening the technical and vocational education and training in remote parts of Nepal. The project emphasizes in increasing access to technical education and vocational training (CTEVT) programs.
Currently, MEI is running projects with objectives or paradox to empower and strengthen the quality life of disadvantage gropus and single mother. 

Current projects:

  • Tailoring and skilled built up
  • Beauty parlor and training program
  • Free English Language
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