Our Wishlist contains some of the items currently needed in our daily life, every new design; new arrivals and will be updated periodically. If you can help with any of these items please contact us

We would ask our supporters not to post goods directly to the Project in wish list block or contact with out taking counselleing, as a charge is made to the Project upon delivery of the goods and depending on weight, this can often be very expensive. Also the postal service is unpredictable and often goods or gifts may not arrive.

All of the wish list items can be donatedlsend to the region of western Europe and America contact office. Our contact offices are location at Switzerland,Kirch Street 49, 8810, Horgen , 6080, woodside,NY,USA and Jorpati-3,Kathamandu, Nepal. The wish list is designed for anyone travelling out to Nepal who wish to take or donate needy items to the project.( If anyone is planning to travel to Nepal please let us know there are always some wish list items to be send to Kids) To contact us please click here or email us at info@mayaeducationinitiatives.org .

Most Urgent Smart clothes for the children for ages from 7 to 18


  • Summer Clothes

  • Winter Clothes

  • Boys age (6 upwards to teenage age 17/18) Long trousers, Jeans, T-Shirts and Shirts (high priority for boys clothing in these age groups)

    • Summer shoes /sandals and special occasion shoes.
    • Clothes boys suits, trousers, shirts and ties or girls party dresses or special occasion dresses


    • Summer Clothes
    • Winter Clothes
    • Girls (age 6 upwards) long trousers, t-shirts, Jeans and Dresses
    • Boys and girls school socks and underwear

  • Early learning baby and toddler toys

Urgently needed in MEI

Art materials

  • Glitter, paper

  • Paints, brushes

  • Colouring pencils

  • Any art decorations.

Other Items

  • Baby bouncer chairs

  • Single Bed Mattress Protectors

  • Sheets, pillow cases

High Priority Needs for office and classroom
  •  Office

  • §  Photocopy machine 2 sets

  • §  Camera dslr or other 2 sets good quality

    §  Video camera 1 set good quality


  • §  Laptop 30 sets for computer library

  • §  Projector 3 sets for e-learning in lower classes and 2 sets for office usages and projects usages.

  • §  All kinds of books, novels, science fiction, adventure, comics, for library and so on.

  • §  Early learning baby and toddler toys, games, video games, DVD’s, History Projector Clips or DVD and so on.